Work Essentials

Colors are everything. That may sound pretty odd coming from me because if you look into my closet I can safely say that 75% of it is filled with all black, white and gray. But when it comes to my stationary, I love my colors; my highlighters, pens, stickies – you name it.

Starting a new job is always exciting. You get to make your desk your happy place now by decorating and adding a touch of your own personality to it. Of course, having my obsession with Kate Spade, I saw this cute little notebook and just had to get it. What better way to start off a new job with a fun and colorful notebook to jot things down in?


Kate Spade Notebook ft. Trap by Colourpop, White Chocolate Mocha, and Glasses

Keep on sparkling, xo!


2 thoughts on “Work Essentials

  1. Boutiquefull says:

    Love your perspective on how to make the work essential look your own and played up the work office environment with a focus on color on stationary and not clothes! I’ve never even thought about that! Keep up the great posts 🙂
    Christine –

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