Bye Bye Under Eyes

Let’s talk beauty.

I’m sure all of us have our own daily beauty routines. I think if I had to pick three products that I can’t live without it would be eyeliner, concealer, and bronzer.

I’ve tried many concealers from NYX to Stilla but I think I’ve found my top three favorite ones!

1. It Cosmetics, Bye Bye Under Eye

The consistency is very sticky but I think that’s why I love this product. It doesn’t leave your under eyes dry and stays on throughout the day. I love that it adds a nice glow to your skin. The packaging makes it easy to control how much product you want to use which makes it great.

2. MAC, Select Moisturizer

I’ve used this for the past two years and I think it’s a basic concealer that does the job. I think it’s great for everyday use because it feels light. It definitely leaves my face looking natural and not caked on. The packaging makes it easy just to dab on with the wand it comes with.

3. MAC, Pro Longwear Concealer

I just started using this a month ago and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it! The finish comes out matte and flawless. It stays on without creasing all day and I would definitely recommend this.

Con: Packaging; No matter how lightly you press the pump, the same amount comes out and you can’t control it.

Tip: If you have a tiny makeup pot laying around I would suggest you pump it in there and use a makeup brush to apply it on!


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