The “It Bag”.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect tote for school since I entered as a freshman to college. I’ve gone through so many bags and none were just perfect enough to fit in all my books with my laptop. The one thing I look for is compartments. I love, love, LOVE having different sections in my bag to be able to have everything organized.

One thing I love doing on my free time is just researching the latest trends in fashion and beauty. During my search for the perfect bag, I came across Dagne Doger. I was so excited that I thought it was too good to be true. I watched many reviews on YouTube and read all the reviews; did Instagram searches just to see if this bag was the dream bag I was looking for. Happy to say that it was! It felt like the bag was personally made for me. I’ll give you a few of the details below and the link to go see for yourselves!


Dagne Dover – The Tote

The perks which caught my attention at first:

– Laptop sleeve, which comes padded to fit a 15 in.

– iPad Sleeve

– Wallet Sleeve

– Pen Sleeve

– A coffee/water bottle or umbrella holder. which is detachable on the inside

– 3 pen/lip-gloss etc. holders

– ID Holder

– In addition, a large pocket

Go see for yourselves! it’s the best way to keep yourself organized on the go 🙂

To see more of the details, click here -> Dagne Dover

Keep on sparkling, xo!


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