Happy Ganesh Chathurti!

20130908-120021 20130908-120012

As I woke up at the crack of dawn, wrapped my half sari around me and walked out into the cold, breezy air that smelled of fall being just around the corner, I gathered with the others around The Ganesh Temple to watch the “Kodi” (flag) rise. This initiates the start of the festival for Ganesh Chathurti.

Most of you are probably wondering what all this means. Ganesh Chaturti is a Hindu festival that happens every year to celebrate Lord Ganesha’s birthday. It usually lasts about 9 days. Each day, Lord Ganesha is dressed up in different alankara’s (decorations) such as, fruits, nuts, jewelry, gold, flowers, candy, and many more items. This is the time that the Hindu community gets together and celebrates the festivities. On the last day, a huge parade happens across Flushing in New York when the Ratha Yatra (chariot) is pulled down Main Street.

I will be posting my outfit of the day’s on other pictures on my Instagram (@abiya_k) as well as on my blog! Stay tuned 🙂

Keep on sparkling, xo!


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