Outfit of the Day.

To be honest, one the main reasons why I watch TV shows, such as Gossip Girl, The Hills, Scandal, and movies like Fashion, with Priyanka Chopra is to inspire my wardrobe. I’ve been catching up with Scandal the past few weeks and I am always in love with Olivia Pope’s sense of style in that show. Her work slacks with a tucked in blouse and a long cardigan always looks perfect.

I graduate in a month and all the stress and workload has just been piling up which explains my absence to my blog the past few months. But one of the reasons why I started Sheer and Sparkles was to make it an outlet for me to take my passion and express it. With that being said,  I decided to dress up a little more than casual yesterday and went out with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. I personally love wearing cardigans with almost anything. Here’s my simple, comfy outfit of the day:

FullSizeRender-4Green Tank 3Green Tank 4

Keep on Sparkling, xo! 


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