I Just Want Some Sunshine.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who’s sick and tired of this weather. The calendar says that it’s spring, but I’m pretty sure the weather begs to differ. Winter doesn’t want to leave us just yet. These constant mood swings with the snow, rain, and spring-like weather has been driving my immune system and me crazy!

Although, I’m in love with my sweaters, scarfs, and boots; I think my flip-flops, maxi-dresses, and shades have been waiting long enough to come out! Here’s a #TBT to spring in the air and a pop of color. Hopefully the sun stops playing hide-and-seek and comes out soon!


Keep on sparkling, xo!


3 thoughts on “I Just Want Some Sunshine.

  1. i know seriously! i been sick because of this weather change =( and very cute outfit, i love the colors and simplicity! if you get a chance come check out my fashion and fitness blog! =)
    -sincerely aimee

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