Just Three Words.

It’s that day again, the day we dread the most and wish it never existed. Although I’m sure we all wish that we can just get rid of Monday’s, we really can’t, so why not just make it another day to enjoy? I usually like to wake up a little earlier than usual just to get my day going. I mean, It’s already Monday I definitely don’t want to start off my week by being all over the place. The two most important things to get me going especially on a Monday is my 7am cup of coffee and my music.

What are your top essentials that get you going on a Monday?

Monday Motivation:


From the graffiti to the people walking all around you, you can always find inspiration in the city. That’s one of the many reasons why I love Manhattan. This was something I came across at Central Park with my best friend and I loved it.

Three powerful words, that’s all it takes to make an impact on someone.

“Become Your Dream”

Happy Monday! Keep on sparkling xo ♥


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