Boy Dilemmas

When it comes to men’s fashion I must agree on one statement – there aren’t many options out there especially for a night-out but a lot of styling can be done. I went on different websites to pick out items that can be worn for a night-out. Here are just a few ideas that you can be turned into your own style. Hopefully this helps you guys!

1) Tailored-Fit Blazer

ImageBanana Republic

Just like a little black dress can go a long way for a girl, a blazer is the perfect essential for a guy at all times.

Style it By:

– Dress shirt/ plain solid tee

– Sperry’s

– Khaki’s/Jeans


2) Dress Shirt



Banana Republic

For guys who aren’t about dressing up, a dress shirt with a color that makes a statement can make the perfect outfit for a night out without any hard work.  Just don’t forget to tuck it in!

Style it By:

– A nice pair of jeans

– Dress pants/Khaki’s

– Blazer

ImageJohn Varvatos/Express


3) SweaterImage


I love when guys wear V-necks because it’s so simple yet has so much style to it. It can be worn solo in the daytime for the office and by night with a blazer to style it up into a night-out attire.

Style it By:

– Collared shirt

– Tucked in with belt

– Bow tie/Ties



5) Slim-Fit PantsImage


4) SuedeImageMassimo Dutti


Keep on sparkling! Xo



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