Beauty Talk – BB Creams & CC Creams!

A common question I hear all the time is, “What’s the difference between BB Creams and CC Creams?”. Frankly, there isn’t much of a difference that varies between the two. I decided to do some research and put together my opinions on these two products. I hope this helps most of you out!

BB Cream

BB cream, also known as “blemish balm” started evolving around a few years ago. It works as an all-in-one product that satisfies your needs for a serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It has the least amount of coverage and is lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizer. So if you are looking for something that falls in between the two, here’s your product ladies! Although, I’m not a big fan of BB creams. I have one from M.A.C and I just feel that it’s too chalky. I’ve tried to apply it different ways and now I came down to using it us a highlighter and a concealer missed with my foundation.

CC Cream

CC Cream stands for “color correction”. It’s attention mostly goes for uneven skin tones. It’s light in pigmentation but heavy on its actions. It contains SPF 14. If you have any redness or dark spots, this is the product for you! If you’re looking for a drugstore alternative to try out I would recommend: “Almay Smart Shade” and “Maybelline Dream Fresh”.

I went through many different lists for the best bb and cc creams and I came across Marie Claire’s and was satisfied! “Beauty Breakdown…”

Keep on sparkling! Xo


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