Beautiful People


Being that it is Monday, it can only mean one thing – Man Crush Monday! I have started watching One Tree Hill all over again. It’s one of my all-time favorite shows that have some pretty darn good-looking people in it. One of them being Chad Michael Murray. Seriously, he’s just irresistible especially when it comes to his role-play as being Lucas Scott, you can most likely always catch me rewinding on any part that he just sweeps me off my feet! A guy who can shoot hoops, who reads and is beautiful, oh yeah, he’s a dream come true! ❤


As of for look of the week I have to give it to Eva Longoria wearing this astonishing piece from Marchesa. As I have mentioned before, I fall in love with almost every piece by Marchesa. It’s to die for and seeing it on the beautiful Longoria herself is just stunning.

Who’s your Man Crush Monday for this week? I would love to know!

Keep on sparkling! Xo


Source – Google, E!


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