I Love Winter Tag!

Hey dolls! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with all their loved ones and had a great start to this new year! Is it me or does everyday after Christmas feel like a blur and January 2nd always feels like a dreadful Monday every single year? Anyways, one of my favorite bloggers, Angie from Rubyangel711 tagged me in doing the “I Love Winter” and I definitely enjoyed reading hers! Here are my answers below 🙂

1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?

Essie – Mind Your Mittens; When I saw this in a magazine I instantly fell in love with the color. It just felt so “wintry”. I also do have a thing for deep blues!

2) Favorite Winter lip product?

Aside from the nude obsession I have right now, my favorite is me EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint.

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?

My scarves!

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?

Twilight Woods

6) Favorite Winter beverage?

StarbucksPeppermint Mocha  Latte. I think everyone who knows me knows that I’m a little obsessed.

7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?


8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?

Peppermint Bark. But then again, anything that consists of peppermint! 🙂

10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?

Manhattan, I mean what else can be better than that?

11) What’s at the top of your Christmas list?


12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?

Spending time with my loved ones.


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I would love to hear your responses and answers and for those of you who are strolling by, feel free to leave your answers as well! Enjoy 🙂

Keep on sparkling! Xo


3 thoughts on “I Love Winter Tag!

  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! I really enjoyed reading your answers! I’d love to try out one of the EOS lip balms, I’m yet to try them! And I love the movie elf 😀 xo

  2. Ooh, that Essie Mind Your Mittens sounds amazing! Will definitely go check it out! Wasn’t Will Ferrell ridiculously hilarious in ELF?!! Ha, ha! Hope you’re having a fabulous start to your New Year!

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