Mind Your Mittens & Motivation.

Hey loves! Hope everyone’s first week of December is going amazing. This year has flew by so quick, it’s shocking. But it’s finally the best time of the year and as decorations have been going up it’s just making me more and more excited for the holidays to come around. I’m looking forward to doing some holiday DIY decor around the house. Before I jump ahead to the end of the month I wanted to share one of my favorite shades from Essie’s 2013 Winter Collection along with some motivation with you guys. 🙂

Nails of the Week!


Motivational Monday’sI’m only like 21 hours late 0:)


Loved this quote. If you’re passionate about something go for it and turn it into reality. This past year I have accomplished so much that I never imagined I would be able to do. All it takes is baby steps and believing in yourself. If I can do it so can you!

Best Part of The Holidays…


Three words; Peppermint. Mocha. Latte. Honestly, the most exciting part about the holiday season! I just can’t get enough. I look forward for Starbucks PML every year. It sets the mood perfectly and makes any day, a thousand times better. I have an obsession but I don’t regret it one bit 🙂 Love me some peppermint mocha ❤

Keep on sparkling because you are beautiful! Xo


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