All Pink Everything.

Hey loves! What happened to Sheer and Sparkles? I’ll tell you what happened: school and work! No but really I know I’ve been doing a terrible job with posting on my blog but school and work has consumed my life. But on the bright side I have a few requests and ideas put together to blog and vlog about so stay tuned. I definitely can’t wait!

Today I thought I can do a little combination of my outfit of the day,  nails of the week, and a little inspiration post! Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend!

Outfit of the Day


One thing I love about going to temple is that I get to wear traditional culture wear. It’s probably the only time I get to wear them. There are variations of style in Indian dresses and it amazes me. Today, I decided to go all pink.

Nails of the Week


 Essie’s “Smokin’ Hot”. I felt that this was appropriate for the weather. I am in love with this shade of purple!



I found this a few days ago as I was Pinteresting away. It couldn’t have been said better. No success comes without hard work. I wouldn’t want anything that anyone could have with the snap of their fingers. I want something I have to work hard for to give me that feeling of success and satisfaction. I believe success comes from the inner ability of work, pain, sweat and so on. This was definitely a motivation for my tough week so thank you Estee Lauder!

Keep on sparkling because you are beautiful! Xo

“Sometimes the things you want the most don’t happen and sometimes the things you never expect, happen.”


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