Who Said Size Mattered?


I was reading an article from the South Florida Times, “Fashion Show Features Emerging Designers”, by a staff reporter and it was just phenomenal! 1426 Fashion Week is focusing their show on any size models being able to walk down a runway. It’s quite obvious that in order to be a runway model there are certain requirements that one has to meet. Over time we have seen that this has caused anorexia within the fashion industry.

1426 Fashion Week is produced by LS 1426, a modeling and designers consulting company. In regards to focusing on high-end fashion it also promotes healthy self-esteem which is what everyone needs to help feel better about themselves. Fashion week will be held in Miami and will collaborate their runway with plus and standard size models. Aside from the runway. their main objective is to also give an opportunity for those who aren’t able to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Designers will be revealing their Spring/Summer collections.

My attention was caught when I read that LS 1426 was letting any size walk the runway. We all are God’s creation and no one should have to constantly put themselves down just because they can’t be a size 0. Size doesn’t matter, it’s who you are that truly makes you beautiful inside and out. REMEMBER, each and everyone of you are uniquely beautiful in your own way! Do NOT let anyone else tell you otherwise.

The article can be found by clicking this link: “Fashion Show Features Emerging Designers”

What are your thoughts about this article?

Smile because you are beautiful.

Happy November! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Xo


3 thoughts on “Who Said Size Mattered?

  1. I might get beaten down for this, but I think catwalks and designers should promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy body image. Anorexia and obesity, both are bad. I think catwalks should promote a healthier toned body rather than a skinny body or a very heavy body.

    Twitter/Instagram : @colourmeniki

    1. No not at all you are right! I totally agree. Bottom line is that they shouldn’t expect or push girls to be double zeros to walk a runway! But I agree on your input with themp promoting a healthy, toned body.

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