But That’s Not How You Hold Your Teacup…


For my course PR 2, we all had to take part in a Business Workshop Etiquette not as students but as teachers. The purpose was for us to teach all the Management courses about the “how-to’s” of interviews, social media, resumes, and table manners. I was picked to cover: Writing Communications, Resumes, and Thank Yous.

There was a lot I learned out of this especially with table manners. In the traditional American style, the silverware is placed from the outside to the inside in the order your meals come. So for example, your soup spoon will be to the right of you and going inwards you will have your teaspoon and then your dinner knife. It depends on also what your entrées will be so if there was going to be seafood dish there would be a fish fork. There’s even a particular way to hold your teacup!

I would go into details about each segment in the Etiquette but that would take forever! So if you guys want to know something specific about how to write your resume or even how and when it is appropriate to send a thank you letter please feel free to comment below! Just a few snaps from today’s workshop with my partner, Rebecca. Don’t know what I would do without her! Btw, yes we are wearing aprons!



For those of you who are celebrating Halloween, I hope you all have a fun, haunted, spooky and safe Halloween!


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