Fall Fun!

Every morning as I leave my house I walk out to see the grass and concretes full of color. Nature is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It’s one of those topics that you can’t really explain how it makes you feel in words. You just have to enjoy it!

Yesterday my friend and me decided to do a fun fall shoot taking advantage of what nature brought us. Which brings me to my outfit which was inspired by of course, fall. This top is actually from a long time ago but when I found it I instantly came up with this outfit in my head. As I stated in my previous post of my love for tall, slouchy boots, “What’s in Stock for this Fall”, I paired my tan boots to complete this outfit. I know sometimes it’s hard to put an outfit together with a pair of white jeans so hopefully this gives a basic idea! It can work with anything if it’s styled with the right accessories.

I’ve been using my NARS tinted moisturizer since I’ve been sick for the past week and overly stressed with no sleep and it does wonders. I love it! Being that it is a moisturizer, it’s light and you don’t even feel like you have anything on. When I’m having a bad hair day my “go-to” hair style is just twisties.












I hope this gave you guys a few ideas for this fall. Have a safe and fun weekend! Xo

“Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.”  Elizabeth Lawrence


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