The “No White” Rule.


Good morning loves! I woke up to the perfect fall sunshine today and it gave me a great start to the day. I know once upon a time I strongly followed the “no whites after Labor Day Weekend” rule but honestly if you can rock the white with some color and pop, go for it! That’s the only exception I’ll make. I threw on my white pair of jeans and a simple top. On a normal weekday, I’m usually out from the morning until the night. Mother Nature lately seems to be having trouble keeping a steady weather so I literally have to wear a coat and scarf in the morning and then it gets extremely warm out and by the time I get out of my last class it is freezing so I always go prepared for the entire day.


I styled up my outfit with a white scarf, a belt, and my booties because it went well with the entire outfit. I kept my face simple today with just eye-liner so that I actually look awake and that’s about it. My whole outfit from my top to my accessories is from Charlotte Russe!


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