Men’s Autumn/Winter Fashion Pt. 2

Hey guys! I’m back again with a men’s fashion post. I’m sure all you fellas out there are excited 🙂 Since I already summarized a post on Men’s Autumn/Winter Fashion I decided to go on to Express and check out the new arrivals. I picked out a few items that I thought were just right for this season.


V-Neck Sweater

The famous V-Neck Sweater as I mentioned in my first post. There’s just something about them that I just love! You can’t go wrong with it.

Blue Vest

Sweater Vest

A vest can be a nice way to make your look a lot more sophisticated than just a plain old outfit. It works as a 2 in 1 by keeping you in style and also keeping you warm. I actually really like this one!


Tonal Trim Shirt

The perfect shade for this fall. For those guys who love to show off their body, this cut and trim works perfect. “1MX” is basically a slim fit cut.  This one was my favorite. The color and cut just screamed out to me.

Purple Plaid

Tartan Plaid

Plaid is always in especially for this season. You can never go wrong with plaid. The purple rich tones fit well for this fall.

leather jacket

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets work perfect if you are going for an everyday casual look.

blend coat

Blend Coat

Don’t want to go for casual? Trench coats elaborate your style from simple to neat and stylish.


Stainless Steel Watch

Don’t forget You can’t forget to add the biggest accessory a guy needs, a watch! The perfect touch to any and every outfit.

I hope this helped many of you out with a few fall picks! I’ll be back again with another men’s fashion post soon 🙂



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