A Splash of Green!

From what I remembered, October had begun and my instincts were telling me to throw on my boots and a comfy sweater yet now the sunlight outside is telling me to throw on a maxi dress. Here I thought fall was in the air but I guess the sun doesn’t want to go in hiding just yet. We might as well take advantage of the warmer days this fall before our trash cans get filled up with tissues and we wake up when it’s still pitch black outside. Today, I decided to go a little with summer and a little with autumn. I turned my summer outfit (2 in 1!) into a fall outfit with just a few alterations. I layered my high-waisted shorts with a pair of stockings and a sweater and threw on my high-knee boots. I added a bright accessory to top my outfit and voilà!

dabIG Green Clashfg


Hope you all had an amazing Friday! What style do you go for on a Friday, the casual wear or the dress-up wear? Xo


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