Fashion 101 – The Famous Red Soles.

I decided to try something new by doing a weekly post on Fashion 101. Not in terms of style, but in terms of history; where it originated from, how it came about, etc. Back in high school, I took fashion courses which led me to do one of my papers on how designers came up with their names, logos, designs, etc. It’s always interesting and fun to learn the true aspects of each designer.

Today, I wanted to focus on every girl’s best friend, shoes. We all know the signature of the famous french designer, Christian Louboutin and his famous red-soled shoes. I remember reading how Christian Louboutin designed his red sole shoes for the purpose of attracting men. Crazy right? Not only is it to represent sexual allure but it also represents wealth and power too. The color red itself is such a bold, confident color to wear. Just how we say, one must be confident to wear red lips.

Another fun fact, for awhile these shoes were available with baby blue soles for brides-to-be. The creations were only available through special ordering. Due to trademark issues, the baby blue soled shoes died out.


PC – Forbes


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