How To Style a Vest 101

One of my friends had asked me to help her style a vest she recently bought. It’s a really cute vest and in one of the top trending fall colors, hunter green. Since I can’t physically wear the vest, I thought I can just jot down a few ways of how to style this piece! Hope it helps for all you guys 🙂 Here’s the picture of it so you guys can see!


Look #1:

– Wear a dress – In the colors of burgandy, purple or any jeweled tone colors. Wear a pair of stockings to get that fall look. Don’t forget to accessorize it especially with a big chunky belt!

Look #2:

– A normal turtleneck sweater or long sleeved shirt (either in the color of white or burgundy). Add a pair of leggings or dark denim jeans to go for a casual look.

Look #3:

– Choose whatever top you want to style with the vest, add a pair of shorts with stockings/leggings and top it off with some riding boots or combat boots.

Look #4:

– Go with all black everything! A long black sleeve tee with either black jeans/or leggings (even printed leggings will work).

Hope this helped! Xo


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