Jordana Cosmetics Review & A Quick Beauty Tip!

I have been looking around for a good liquid eye-liner for awhile now. I always preferred using liquid than pencil. The only exception I would make is for Kiss. Their pencil eye-liner does wonders but since I ran out of that and I they only have that in mostly beauty supply stores I wanted to find something to use temporarily. I looked on Total Beauty, and out of 18 best eyeliners, Jordana’s was rated as the top one for a decent price. I ended up trying out the Fabuliner Bold Felt-Tip which has a bold felt-tip. You can find it any drugstore for $2.99. I got mine at Walgreen’s!


My thoughts: Overall, I think it’s quite easy to control the product itself. If you guys are new and are having a hard time drawing a straight line or even drawing a wing I would say this would be good to practice with since it’s fairly very easy to control. As for the outcome, I’m not too sure how I really feel about it. Sometimes I feel as if it comes out bold just how I like it and sometimes it just doesn’t want to cooperating with me. But the trick I do is that I normally set my eye-liner with black shadow so I can manage around it.

3 Reasons Why I Set My Eye-liner

1) It’s hard to make an even straight line. By using an angled liner brush and black eyeshadow it helps it even out and make that bumpy line into a smooth straight line.

2) It adds more pigment to it, if perhaps you think your eye-liner isn’t too bold already.

3) It makes your eye-liner stay in place throughout the whole day which is great so you don’t have to very about it fading away, etc.


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