The Fashion Ball Drops in NYC.

Normally, I collectively gather up news that happens throughout the Hollywood industry over the week but today I have something that tops all of that! Just like on New Year’s Eve when everyone gathers around in Times Square to watch the ball drop, this past week has probably been one of the most busiest time of year in New York City. People from all around the world gathered here, to be a part of the annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. From September 5 – September 12 all top notch designers shared their spring and summer collections. Since I couldn’t watch most of it on live stream because of school, I went on The Fashion Spot to see what I missed.

One collection I really couldn’t take my eyes off  was the Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 Collection. Black and white wardrobe is to die for just because I love having fun with them and putting together different looks.One of the trends that we are going to see so much of is black and white. Ralph Lauren organized his looks from chic and classic and to wild and bold. His first collection look was all black and white and in the theme of menswear and schoolgirl making it look fashionable. He had a touch of style from the 60’s from the high knee socks to the ties and collars. For the next part there was no need for words. The colors did all the talking. Blues, oranges, greens, yellows and more, they were all just bold and beautiful! These were just a few runway looks I loved!

 ralph-lauren-rs14-2082b&w 1

2ralph-lauren-rs14-2114color 1color 2c 3c4


PC – The Fashion Spot


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