Smokey Eyes.


Smokey Eye:

1) Put a base coat on your lids – Can be concealer or a nude shadow

2) Start with the inner lid – A light color (I used silver)

3) Start from the outer lid – Preferably black. Start from the outside going towards the inside.

4) Continue to pull your brush upward diagonal with the black shadow.

5) I used my blending brush and took a shimmery white color to blend on top of my lids so there aren’t any hard edges.

6) I took a highlight and put it at the top of my lids by my crease.

7) SInce the black takes over most of your lid, I just put a small line of eye-liner using gel and winged it out following the eye-shadow.

* Tips

– To get the outer part of the lid into a nice line I used my finger to wipe away the shadow I didn’t need to give it a straight-edged line.

– Any mistakes, smudges, or unwanted areas you come across, you can use your foundation or concealer to get rid of it.

I know putting a tutorial in words is hard but I am working on videos for the future. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below, I’ll try my best to work with it 🙂


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