LDW Activity #1!

For the long weekend, I went to Toronto, Canada! I always have a good time because most of my family lives up there. On Saturday, I had a 1st Birthday Party to attend and it was pretty fun! I have a pretty big family so when they had musical chairs my entire family basically took over! The birthday girl made her grand entrance riding on a “pony”. She was so adorable especially since she barely cried and was smiling the whole entire time 🙂 Since these are really grand parties everyone wore Desi attire. Oh and I got to spend my entire weekend with Jothy from Jothy’s Lifestyle! You guys should check out her blog if you already didn’t because you won’t be disappointed!

What I’m wearing below has plenty of names for it but the most common ones are “Churidar” &/or “Punjavi”. It basically can be from anything very simple to extrodinary grand style. It’s made up of pants (which is what makes the whole thing differ from the rest, churidar pants are tight at the bottom, kind of like jeggings), a top with work on it and a shawl.


(PC: Jothy)


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