News of The Week!

We all can agree that our world is a tad bit crazy especially in the Hollywood world! This week there has been all sorts of crazy stories from celebrities starting fire on private property and to Kings being born!

So let’s start off with Amanda Bynes. I’m sure most of you all know by now. According to MTV News, Bynes has been hospitalized Monday night after setting fire on someone’s driveway. Now….what could her possible explanation be? It was said that she was involved in a disturbance in the area. Investigators say that she has met the criteria for a 5150.

Next, for some exciting news we now have our future King! According to ABC News, the former couple Kate Middleton and Prince William have announced the arrival of their baby boy today at 4:24 local time all safe and sound.

A new Mariah Carey in town? Not going to lie, when I heard Ariana Grande’s “The Way”. I really thought it was Mariah Carey! My sister and me were driving one day and when it played on the radio she asked me who it was and I actually said that it might be Mariah Carey. They sound so alike but I must say no one will ever top Carey for me! Her second single, “Baby I” has been released. One thing that caught my attention with her song “The Way” is that I found that it had a little back in the day touch to it which grasped my attention more. If you guys haven’t checked out her new single, now is the time!


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