Favorite Article of The Month!

   ImageGlamour is one of my go-to magazines that I love and have been subscribed to this past year. This month I really liked the article, “How to Be Your Own Daily Stylist”. Mostly because I agree with everything in it. Just to bullet it out :

  • Buy cool basics
  • Start with a neutral palette
  • Don’t worry about trends
  • Take pictures

Basics are important just because at one point you are going to need them! It’s something you are bound to wear more than once. Leather jackets, trench coats, rain boots, and all those basics are important to have in your closet, especially because mother nature has been having crazy mood swings these past few months.

Having neutrals always come in handy. Usually when I shop, I like to buy things I don’t really have. But when it comes to cardigans, peplum and sheer tops, I try to go for neutrals first before picking up bright and different colors. I just find that having neutrals are more convenient to have before picking up extraordinary colors.

Trends are important but you aren’t bound to follow it. Remember, you may not feel comfortable wearing things that are in trend so don’t follow it just because you feel like you have to be wearing everything everyone else is wearing. It’s good to have your own style and stick out!

I don’t usually take pictures but I do have outfits that I consider my “go-to” outfit when I am in a rush or have unexpected plans to get ready within 5 mins. It’s always good to keep aside!

Hope this helped some of you out! 


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