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Every girl has to have at least one favorite style icon they look up to! My friends surely know who I absolutely love and will always love. She was one of the main stars on MTV’s reality show, The Hills. She was always that “good” friend who wanted nothing but the best for her loved ones but she never let anyone step over her which I admired a lot throughout the show. Ladies & gents…her name is Lauren Conrad! For those of you who probably have never heard of LC  and love fashion, Hollywood  and drama I highly recommend you guys to go watch the show because you will fall in love. Yes, I am one of the millions of obsessed fans of LC, okay maybe not obsessed but I admire everything about her. Her books are my go-to sources when I’m in a fashion, style or beauty crisis. In my opinion, I think she always looks fabulous and her hair and make-up are always on point.. Whether she’s glammed up, having a girl’s night out, or dressed casually, she’s perfect.

LC didn’t stop her shine after she left The Hills. She started writing her own novels and designing. Her first novel, L.A. Candy was one of New York Times bestseller and I must say it was a great book. After releasing the sequels, LC came out with her Style book and Beauty book (which are my go-to sources). You can find her clothing line featured at Kohl’s and her daily dose of inspirations for not only fashion but decor, recipes, and staying fit on her website


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