Must-haves for Spring :

I picked up two goodies from Walgreens today and even if it they weren’t anything big, it totally made my day! I’m excited to say that I found the perfect shade of lavender and red for this season. When it comes to nail colors, I tend to get picky. I need to find that right shade of color and when it comes to red, I’m never satisfied with what I end up getting. Thanks to Essie, I don’t have that problem anymore! Here are the two colors I got today:

Sinful Colors – “Cupids Arrow”

Essie – “Russian Roulette”

Earlier on, I wrote a review about Essie’s “Russian Roulette”I actually had them done when I went to get my tips at the salon but now I have my own bottle which I was excited to find at Walgreens being that it was the last bottle available! It’s the perfect shade of red and it’s a MUST to have in your collection!


2 thoughts on “Addiction.

  1. Iva says:

    great purchases! I am recently only on transparent nail polish due to lack of time. But I would like to see the lavender one on my nails 🙂

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