Beauty Water, Anyone?

I received a lot of questions about the recent story I posted on my Instagram about the Beauty Water – what is it and why do you need it.
My favorite part of my beauty routine is using my toner!
Key Benefits:
⁃It restores your pH balance
⁃It refreshes your skin leaving it hydrated
⁃It leaves your skin looking radiant
After I wash my face and dry it, I use my toner right before I apply my serum/moisturizer.
This one has been my favorite and is available at Sephora or on Sokoglam. Another alternative, which is also a favorite, is the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic available at Target
So why tone? To restore, refresh and stay radiant!⠀
Keep on sparkling! XO



Can anyone else relate to coming out of the cold season with dry lips? I for sure have been struggling with that. Not to mention the existence of liquid lipsticks making it ten times worse.

Aside from dry lips this winter, I was also dealing with my outer lips being darker than usual. After many trials and errors using other products and DIY techniques – which I could have been at fault since I probably wasn’t doing it correctly – but nonetheless, nothing seemed to be doing the job.

I thought I had found my holy grail, Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment – which I loved and still wanted to love, but it just did not do the job for me. It felt great on the lips but I found myself reapplying it every so often which was inconvenient.

Many people have been raving about the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been dying to do a review on this product for so long now!

Where do I even begin? First off, the packaging is super cute! It comes with a little applicator which allows you to scoop out as little as you need. It’s made up of vitamin c, antioxidants and a mix of berries – all the good stuff you need in your beauty routine. It has a very subtle sweet scent which doesn’t linger on for long. The best part is that it glides on smoothly, leaving your lips shiny without leaving a greasy residue. A little goes a long way for sure. I not only use this as a night time mask but also during the day right before any event – especially if I’m going to throw on a liquid lipstick.

Within a few days, I definitely noticed a huge difference. It’s safe to say, “Toodles chapped lips, hello softness!” My darkness around my lip area also improved within a few nights of using this product. This is now my holy grail product – no more lip balms!

I’m new to this whole masking world and never realized how relaxing it can be after such a long day. With Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask and one of my other current faves the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask  I throw these on right before bed and it’s an instant game changer.


Keep on sparkling, xo!

The One


Trying to find “The One” foundation for me has been so difficult lately. I started with MAC and then went on to Smashbox’s foundation right before they switched up their formula, I’ve been struggling to find the perfect match for myself.

I was never really into stick foundations however, I had to give the Hourglass a try. The title, Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick speaks for itself. From 26 shades to choose from, I found my matching one to be in the shade Amber. Testing it out in store, the first thing I noticed was that it made my face look flawless. Unlike most stick foundations, this went on smoothly and was easy to blend out. I noticed once I let the foundation set, I was in love with it.

So if you’re looking for a foundation to try out, I would definitely recommend this one!


Let’s commence the start of bringing out the leathers, the parkas and the trenches! 
The refreshing smell of the cool, crisp air? √
All the holidays and festivities to look forward to? √ 
Being able to cozy up in sweaters and booties ?√
What’s there not to like about this season?
Kicking off my season with a very late post and my favorite go-to outfit: Leather jacket and boots 🙂 


Wedding Festivities

With just little time to get ready, here’s a simple look for my cousin’s wedding. A simple look focusing on a bold lip and a light contour!



FaceSmashbox – Studio Skin Foundation + MAC – Studio Face Foundation; Two Faced – Sweethearts Bronzer in Sweet Tea; Laura Mercier – Translucent Loose Setting Powder; NARS– Radiant Creamy Concealer;

Eyes: Julep – Eyeshadow Palette ; Tarte – Tarteist Clay Paint Liner; Maybelline – Master Kajal; Two Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Sad Girl


2016-08-02 (1)

Keep on sparkling, xo!

Effortless Summer Look


When it comes to the summer, I want to wear everything as light as possible. Maxi dresses are basically equivalent as to throwing on a pair of leggings in the winter for me. It’s nice and simple, especially when you’re in a hurry to either meet up with friends or to run errands.

As for my go-to makeup and hair look, I try to stick to as minimal product as possible. In most cases, I usually just go with concealer, bronzer and depending on my mood, eyeliner. I like to go for the tousled hair look which is probably one of the easiest and safest looks to go for this season.

What’s your favorite go-to summer look?

Keep on sparkling, xo!